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lena  | Jelentem 2003. Nov. 25. 05:31 | #15   
If you understand english, please write me an email - I would like to spend some time with. Sprechen Sie Deutsch, bitte schreiben Sie mir enine email, Ich moechte gerne mit Dir zusammen kommen.
Per  | Jelentem 2003. Nov. 20. 00:00 | #14   
Hi guys!

My name is Per, I'm from Norway working here in Budapest! In the last year I've got some good and bad experience too concerning the hungarian prostitutes. I've been using this website for a year ago and was a big help to me to find the right partners. However I was a rookie at the beginning, both in the hungarian language (which is still a big challenge for me), and at the whores too, but I am not a fresh one anymore. That is the reason why I want to share my knowledge with You guys being hungarians or expats.
I meet many girls in the last year, I try to make a summary.

1./ My first hungarian girl was Nori (06 30 433 1221)
. The organization meant a certain problem, because I did not speak a single hungarian word! A friend of mine helped to arrange the date. Nori arrived on time to my flat. She is great! She's roughly 175 cm tall, nice small tits, nice face, she is very friendly. As I mentioned I had no experience with the prostitutes earlier. Well, Nori was very helpfull. She is absolutely professional. Her blowjob is perfect, I never made such kind of dirty sex like I did with Nori. That was the first time when I was trying the analsex, my former girlfriends never let me to do that. Nori was very patient. He explained that I cannot do it wild, so I had to let Her to lead me. We spent together several hours. We made love everywhere in my flat. We screwed in the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and on the panoramic terrace too (yes!!!!) Everything was great, although the communication was a bit primitive. But I can highly recommand Nori's service for everybody who wishes a lifetime joy.

2./ Next time I met Linda (06 70 240 1507)! She is the most professional girl I have ever met. Fortunately she is speaking fluent english so it was easy to arrange a date. Linda is around 175 cm tall, she has nice, relatively big tits. I don't want to use big words but I do a pledge she made the best blowjob in my life. There is no single word to express the feeling when she was working at my dick. She was controlling me during the blowjob, watching to my eyes, checked my reactions. At least I made a cumshot into her mouth. Second time I also tried the anal sex with Linda. She really enjoys this kind of action. Linda was riding my dick in anal action. She was the only only one who treated me this same way. After a several visit and action I convienced Her to come to my apartment and spending a whole night together. Normaly I paid around 80 Euro for each action including anal sex, natur blow job. She charged 300 Euro for me from 8 pm to 8 am. And one more very interesting thing. She never tried to fake me off. There were girls who doubled the price when I called them, just because I am an expat.

To be continued...
PAKMAN  | Jelentem 2003. Oct. 05. 00:04 | #13   
I was in Budapest recently. Stayed at the Marriott (there is only one). Had one hell of time. You don't have to go too far. As you get out of the hotel, turm left, and there is an area between the hotel and Danube. After 6:00 PM at night, lots of hookers, may be as young as 17.
My first night, a beautiful redhead, who did not speak any English but only 'Do you Want Sex'. I checked her out and said yes. She wanted a cool $50 which was not a problem as I asked her to stay a couple of hours. We went back to my hotel room - took a shower and she did what ever I asked her. I asked her to suck my dick and she did and was really enjoying it. Then I asked her to sit on my dick and she did - her pussy was wet - just from sucking my dick. She was tight and I guessed she was probably 18 years old.
She was so tight I could not stop coming. I was ready for seconds and this time I did it doggy style. After 28 minutes of heavy pumping, I gave her a load. We rested 10 minutes and I was ready again.
This third time, I did difficulty coming but after doing missionary, oral, doggy style and lastly anal - I shot a load in her ass.
Be sure to get condoms though!
he next night, I found two lesbians - one approx. 24 and other one about 35. They wanted $100 and I happily obliged.

Took them back up to the room and just fucked and sucked for two hours. Since they were Russians, I had them salute American flag and took pictures of them saluting America nflag - get this NAKED!
Have fun in Budapest - you don't have to go too far - just right outside your hotel. The girls are waiting.
© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Aug. 09. 17:32 | #12   
Ezeket a beszámolókat a fórumán olvastam, a Budapest Escort topikban:

Hallo alle zusammen, muss jetzt mal ein paar Berichte nachliefern.

Also alle Photos auf

Zum einen Nori, Photo bei

Service, FO, FT, guter Sex guter Blowjob,

Kann ich nur empfehlen

Preis. ca. 32 ? + Extra (FT, mehrmals) usw.

Rating 2+

Service, FO, FT, GF6, guter Sex, suuuper Blowjob,

Preis ca. 32 ? + Extra
Rating 1+

ErikaService Fmit, Guter Sex, Blow job normal
aber super geile Knackfigur

Rating 2

Service FO, Sex, super Blow job
spricht deutsch

Rating 1

Laura (leider z. Zt. kein Foto verfügbar)
Service FO, FT in tollem Ambiente und super gefühlvoll
Rating 2

Barbi (leider z. Zt. kein Foto)
Service FO, GF6

Rating 1+

Alles in allem nette und gefühlvolle Abende, Budapest kann ich nur empfehlen.


© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:35 | #11   
Travel Report Dated Added: 2002-05-17 Submitted by:

- I was in Budapest . I had read the reviews on your site before going. I will then comment some of them and add some new information.

## On Thököly, there was 5 or 6 gypsy girls at around 11 p.m but I did not go untill the cross-road with Hungaria Krt. The price was 4000 Ft but the action took place in an open-air parking along the road. Better bring your car.
## I was said there should be other girls on Ülloi u. near Ludovika ter. but I didn't check and the information is not quite reliable.

## I had bought "Tutti Frutti" and I called a number which I don't have complete anymore: 0630-401-5... It doesn't matter: the adress is « Kershers » 20 Sandor u. (V); Prices: 6000 Ft / 30 mn, 8000 / 1 hr but for 1 action only, so better take 30 mn except you're a stallion or a Hungarian-speaking tender lover. I chose Sonia, a young girl who didn't participate too much but I did my best to enjoy her. She seemed to be rather happy afterwards but I am not used to such efforts. Besides I didn't recognize the girl on the picture who was supposed to work when I arrived.

## A lot of numbers from "Tutti Frutti" proved to be useless, sometimes because I didn't speak Hungarian. I was then given another number by a young Hungarian:0630-981-82-40. The adress is Tompa u. 8 (IX); There's a black arrow pointing the right bell on the door. I was nevertheless disappointed by the girls as I had met some Hungarian girls in Western Europe before. But the chosen one was nice.

## Yana 0630-319-8086 in Obuda, Csilla 0630-376-0678 on Fehervari u. did not answer. Ria 0670-247-0972 at Nyirpalota u. 26 was too far(10 km from the center) and I didn't try.

## « Blue eyes club » on Terez Krt near the station Nyugati: 14 000 Ft / hr but there was only 1 girl appealing to me. However I didn't come back for her.
## « Sweet cats » on Rakoczi u. near the Astoria metro station: 14 000 Ft / hr. I didn't get in as the doorman told me all girls were busy.

## As I was warned about ugly practises, thanks to WSG, I didn't try the "Pigalle" near Blaha Lujza, nor the "Sweet Milk" (from a taxi driver I asked near Vaci u.), or the "Caligula" which is supposed to stand North of Buda..: it should cost 20 000 Ft and I don't pay such prices, especially if I must pay drinks before.

## I have not seen any « Peep show » on Terez Krt, nor tried "Peep" on Osvat u. behind the "NY coffee house". But I was doubtful about BJ for 15 $ anyway.

Conclusion: Budapest is not such a good city for prostitutes, except maybe if you speak Hungarian. (Review # 5547)
© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:29 | #10   
French 2003. máj. 28. 18:22 ( forum) #352

hmmm, parkany utca 44

hi! i am french guy living in budapest since many years.

i found on the net : "the rose cats" (rozsaszin cicak)

beautiful picture, beautiful girls...i say ok: i go to see!
I adore the picture of Cintia, and kriszti...

i call, by chance, the 2 are working on this night...(miracle!!) i call a second time around 22h30 ...
now kriszti is away but she is going to be back, but cintia is there (my favorite picture).

23h00, i am at the parkany utca 1, i call to ask the adress, the 44! i ask if cintia is still free, : yes yes she is.
23h05: i am at the door of the building.
i call again : i have the code... 5 stairs the metalic door on your left
and i ask to the girl before to enter : "are you cintia?": she say no i am kristi(already i was surprise...), but cintia is there...

ok, i enter the building, take the lift to the 5, turn on the left to the metalic.

i knocked the door...
i enter: 2 girls!
an hawful blond, and a as well howful red her very small, and big.

I say : "sziasztok!
kriszti vagy cintia hoz jottem"

: guess the answer: "cintia, is not there, kriszty is not there"

so, my question is today: what happen to krizti and cintia in less then 5 min????

so : don't go there!
parkany utca 44 is a trap!

i was nervous, because i cancel another girls that i already saw, that is very beautiful...

but, if some one can say me if cintia or kriszti are really existing and are in the job....I REALLY WOULD ENJOY.

so, again: parkany utca 44 DON'T GO!!!!!!!!

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:27 | #9   
Travel Report Dated Added: 2003-03-31 Submitted by: World Traveler

- Have recently spent several months in Budapest. The sex industry is still going strong but BEWARE, the Mafia and their Government lackies are stronger and the entire scene is a rip off. Met one guy who was picked up by a young "lady" in front of the Inter-Con Hotel. Offered a massage and sex at her flat for 20,000 forent (approx US$80.00). Went with here and while they were showering, two thugs cam in and cleaned out the guy's wallet of cash and then threw him out of the place. A real scam with the girl involved.
Even the taxi was involved in that he waited outside to take the guy back and the price he paid for the taxi would have been enough to take him to Vienna, Austria. Even the massage places are Mafia run. They all are controlled by a large bald thug. More intimidating than pleasure at these places. The strip clubs have raised their prices for drinks and the cover charge. My recommendation is to completely forget Hungary for any type of GFE sex for pleasure. If you get any, you will most undoubtedly get screwed twice. BEWARE!!! There are many better places. (Review # 7108)

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:26 | #8   
Escort Review Dated Added: 2003-02-19 Submitted by: Matt

- Hello Everybody, I have never written a review here, but there seems to be a lot of confusion and misrepresentation here about sexual opportunities in Budapest. So, I decided to share with you some experiences I gathered during my stays at this beautiful city.
There is a very vivid sex life in Budapest and everybody will find plenty of opportunities designed to his financial resources. Accordingly, it is wise to decide ex ante which financial league you belong to and visit places designed to that league. It is important understand that although in most cases there will be correlation between price and service quality you still can get excellent value for money. Here are the basic facts:

Most western inexperienced foreigners visit flashy bars like Dolce Vita, Aphrodite, Flashdance, etc. These bars are visited by almost exclusively foreigners and tend to be very expensive. At these bars you may find „perfect 10” girls but the service you receive from them in a nearby apartment is usually far below what you would expect for that price. And yes, there were occasions that these bars issued horrible bills (sometimes exceeding USD 4,000) and physically threatened visitors who were unwilling to pay. Accordingly, you should visit their bars only if money is no problem at all or if you are a very experienced visitor to these places. You should expect to spend around USD 500 for a couple of hours of entertainment.

As for hotel girls, usually, the hotel staff will be more than happy to organize you some ladies. If you wish to try this opportunity insist on seeing the girl’s photo first, otherwise you may end up a fat, old hooker. Again, as everywhere in the world, this service will not come cheap, since the hotel staff, the taxi driver, etc. will take their cut from the payment. Nevertheless, this seems a very safe way of having sex since nobody wants any trouble in the hotel. Again, this service is frequented mostly by foreigners. A couple of hours of this entertainment will cost you somewhere between USD 150-300.

Generally speaking, when looking for a safe, good value for money sexual experience in Budapest you should avoid places which are frequented by foreigners. The famous „Vaci utca”, „Dunakorzo” and the kind are straight rip-offs. Never pick a girl from the street at these areas unless you want to feel foolish later.

As always, the wisest thing to do is to do what the locals do. They visit one of the many „saloons” or „offices”, basically rented apartments with 2-5 girls each, and this is the segment where you will find the far the best value for your money. There are two sources of information about these saloons. The first is a monthly magazine called „Tutti Frutti Party”, (available at newsstands, gas-stations, etc.), in which you will find a lot of pictures and numbers of the girls offering their services. The problem here is that many of the girls won’t speak any foreign languages and you will probably spend a lot of time calling around to find someone who speaks English or German. A far better choice is to search on the Internet.

The two most popular sex-guides for Budapest are and is also available in English and lists around 150 girls/places indicating their location, availability and also whether they speak any foreign languages. It also provides links to the homepages of the individual saloons. I found the single best English language source of this kind of information.

When you call the girl she will tell you the location of her saloon. Usually, she will instruct you to give another call when you arrived at the front gate of the block in which the apartment is situated. If you do not have a operating cell-phone on you then explain this fact and agree another solution. She will also list the prices. The basic fee should not exceed HUF 10,000 (cca. USD 50) for and hour (if it does, then hang up the line and try another one). The basic fee for an hour will usually include oral stimulation and two actions, all in condoms. There are usually „extras” (like kissing, anal actions, coming to the mouth, etc.) available for HUF-2,000-3,000 (USD 10-15) each. Do not forget to ask explicitely whether the pictures are „real” so that the girl you see on the picture will be the same you will meet at the saloon. You should also very exactly clarify the prices on the phone.

If you are unfamiliar with the city take a cab and go to the place. Although these are usually absolutely problem-free places do take the usual precautions. You should leave any large amount of cash, credit cards, jewellery, etc. at the safe of the hotel. In the apartment you usually, but not always, find the same girl you saw on the photo in the magazine or on the Internet. If the girl you chose is not there, or is „unavailable” and you do not like the replacement, leave at once. The girl and you then will agree on the service and the price. You usually have to pay in advance but don’t worry this is how it works. If you still have valuables in your pockets then take your clothes with you when going to take a shower. Then, fucktime. When leaving, usually the girl will be happy to call a cab for you. If you liked the girl ask her number, it may come handy when you visit Budapest again.

The cheapest solutions are the street workers, you may find them at various places, some also listed in previous reviews. Sex may be very cheap there but quality will be quite low too. (Review # 6959)

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:24 | #7   
Massage Parlor Dated Added: 2002-11-29 Submitted by: tropiclightning
- I am a soldier that went on R&R to Budapest. Went to the Thai Massage center at the Gellert Spa. I asked for a massage for $35 US for one hour. The girl I had was Kip. She is small and sexy. After about 30 minutes of great massage she asks if I want to touch her. She slides off her bra and drops her pants. I suck her nipples and finger her while she gives me a BJ. It all finishes up with a cup of tea. A great time for a soldier in need of relaxation. (Review # 6557)
© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:24 | #6   
Strip Club Review Dated Added: 2002-10-24 Submitted by: santana
- Hi Guys, This is the report for Budapest today.
1. Strip Club.
Dolce vita - Overrall, They are O.K. If you think that is too hard to find this. Take taxi and ask. Admission is 5,000F if you take taxi, If you could go there by yourself it would be 3,000F. 2,000F different. Don't waste your time on Street to find this.

!!! Warning !!!
If you see nice girl and she ask for a drink...HOHOHO.... A bottle of shampane will cost you 50,000F. Don't let her sit on your table or don't let her drink. You can ask her to do lap dance, or Private dance but don't waste your money.

Just start to negociate the F**king. Start from 25,000F. If you good, you can get 15,000F (But it wouldn't easy) She will come to your hotel. I will get more information next time Sorry, I almost forget the Contact...

Dolce Vita Oktober 6. utca 5th district. Budapest P.S. - utca means street they say 'utzza' (Review # 6413)

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:23 | #5   
Budapest Other Dated Added: 2002-10-20 Submitted by: Mike
- What to do if you ever get an outrageous bill in Budapest (at Diamond Night Club, Flash Dance Bar, Crazy Horse, Tower, etc.):
Do all the followings: 1) stay calm, and remember it's only money, 2) do pay the bill, 3) don't let them beat you up, 4) do use a credit card (not a debit card), then 5) go to a nearby police station and get a police report, then 6) ask your credit card company (or bank) to charge it back to the merchant. If you have a credit card (not a debit card) from the U.S., your bank is going to charge it back to the merchant quickly and cheerfully. Canadian, British, or other Banks will do it too, but they may request some additional proof -- and that's when your police report comes in very handy. (Review # 6396)

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:22 | #4   
Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: 2002-09-01 Submitted by: jkidd
- Well, Ive been livin in Budapest for a long time and have to admit that I had some experience with whores. First of all I want to advise everyone who is not a millionaire: never ever pick a girl at a bar, especially on the Vaci utca, u will be robbed really bad. I advise u to use the Tutti Frutti magazine which u can buy on any petrol station or in a small shop.
I also want to advise a private on Tompa utca, thats not so far from the Petofi bridge and that place next to the Nyugati rail station, two streets in the direction on the Margit bridge.. (Review # 6141)

© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:21 | #3   
Strip Club Review Dated Added: 2002-08-17 Submitted by: The little wolf
- We are 4 Norwegian guys that went to Budapest in the period from 3-8th of august 2002 and we would like to give you some useful advice as to where to go if you're keen on some action!

First night we went to the Hallo Bar that was located in the same street as our hotel-Kiraly Utca 60. This strip club is has free entrance and one free drink that you get after you order and pay your first drink (clever, clever!).The girls are all very nice and good looking ranging from 6-10.Some girls, especially the gypsy looking babes had awesome bodies. I can recommend paying for a lapdance (10000 HUF) before deciding which girl you'd like some action with. You can touch the girl on the outside while she is performing, but not on the inside unfortunately!

If you meet a girl named Suzie (short for Suzanne)or Cleo, you can ask if they enjoyed the massage they got from two Norwegian blokes (they'll remember us!). Be aware, not all girls have an agreement with the boss to go to a hotel with you. I took Cleo with me to a hotel and it costed:25000HUF in advance, 3000 for the cab, 4000 for rental of room and to that you'll have to add the tip for the girl if you liked her (usually not more than 3000 HUF).

Of course we went to other clubs as well. A good advice is to stay away from clubs like Aprodite/Black&White and The White House. They are general rip-off and the girls are suddenly not so interested when you don't buy them drinks or a lapdance! They'll vanish before you can say "Let's go to Hallo Bar!" to your mate! Be aware of the girls in pairs that you meet in Vaci Utca. They are all controlled by the Russian Mafia - Police schlaffen. They take you to a bar/restaurant and you have to pay expensive drinks - no fuck! They get a commission of 35 % (inside information!) from the bar that keeps to separate price lists (which by the way is perfectly legal in Hungary).

If you walk the Vaci Utca, please say hello to some of the guys you'll meet that so desperately are trying to get you inside their girlie clubs! One of the most humourous ones were Marius - also known as Mr.Turbofuck (it's true!!). Say that the little Wolf is greeting him from Norway (he'll understand!). His more feminine counterpart is Mr.General Fuckmaster that you'll see in the same street. Don't believe a word of what he is telling you. Follow our advice and stick to the Hallo Bar and you'll have a pleasant stay in Budapest, except your wallet - that is! (Review # 6036)
© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:19 | #2   
Dated Added: 2002-05-16 Submitted by: Hunny
- Dudes, Hungary is a nice place to find cheap and attractive girls if you know where are they.

First try on the web, under address, this is the very active local version of WSG. It's Hungarian but there are plenty of web links to Hungarian prostitutes and it's difficult to pay more than 50 USD for a hour full extra sex. Few words: BESZÁMOLÓK contains the experiences with girls (phone numbers are included, if you find the word AJÁNLOM in the report, that's a good service), szolgáltatók a hálón is the links section. You should check the phone numbers of the worst Hungarian prostitutes under FEKETELISTA (blacklist) too. I don't suggest to visit the prostitutes under blacklist, they have bad service or steal your money until you wait in the room. Second good source of the phone numbers and ads with pictures is the Tutti Frutti Party local sex newspaper. You can get a copy in sexshops or in larger street newstores on the first week of every month.

WARNING Never ever accept any invitation from girls on streets of Budapest or in any bar especially in 5th and 7th district! You'll be robbed! We experienced 30.000 USD bill for few drinks without any sex for few times so never try to find girls in bars or clubs, all of them are the business of police maffia. Use the address above and you'll find the best fucks in EU, I promise you:-) (Review # 5539)
© Madame  | 2004-09-08 02:04:56 óta tag | 1177 db hozzászólás | Jelentem 2003. Jun. 06. 13:12 | #1   
Olvasgattam a különböző, nem magyar nyelvű fórumokat, és sajnos, ahogy látom, az általános tapasztalat az, hogy bizony nálunk vigyázni kell a pénztárcájára (is) annak, aki ilyenfajtra szórakozásra vágyik :(
Bemásolok ide néhány beszámolót a fórumáról.
/ 1384
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